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Reconnecting Kids To Nature

  • Walden Monterey 9300 York Rd Monterey, Ca. 93940 (map)

The costs of not connecting children and youth to nature are significant. Consider the health consequences, as an example. Children are more active when playing and learning outdoors than indoors. Inactivity promotes obesity. According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity has quadrupled in the past fifty years, contributing to risk factors for chronic diseases. Some risk factors and diseases, such as high blood pressure and Type II diabetes, are now developing in childhood rather than adulthood. The U.S. Surgeon General has suggested this may be the first generation of children to not live as long as their parents.

Just as their disconnection from nature compromises children's health, the health of the planet is jeopardized by a generation of children who have not developed a sense of wonder and love for the natural world and, therefore, the motivation to protect it

Olson Kundig's Lacuna Play House Reveal

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