The Walden Gathering is a purpose driven assemblage of diverse iconoclasts discussing meaningful issues and solutions to share with the world. 

Based on the science and understanding that we do our most meaningful work when in Nature.

The Walden Gathering Community is a small group of passionate innovators finding inspiration from nature to focus on making the world better for the next generation. 


The Walden Gathering came together after a challenge was made to Nick Jekogian, the founder; to create a purposeful platform to allow a private forest to provide value to the greater community. 


In order to transform the world, we must first transform ourselves through nature.


When we renew ourselves in retreat, it provides us the tools and capacity to be more effective and holistically connected within ourselves and others.

The Walden Gathering was created for people who realize that their best work does not take place at their desk listening to the pings of social media updates.


We use Nature as a catalyst to open a dialogue on what individuals and organizations can do to create a more open environment for others to experience the valuable effects of retreating into nature.



Finding Inspiration From Nature

How can we draw upon our natural surroundings to create narrative and cultivate pride?


How can we "disconnect" during the demands of our every day lives to reconnect and focus on the what we value most?

Purposeful Living

How can we live a more purposeful life?


Disconnect in Nature

Walden Hike

Walk In nature

Explore the scenery and yourself as our resident meditation expert guides us along the way towards utilizing nature for the benefit of our personal lives.

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Tree Side Talks

When you sit under a 200 year old Oak tree, you can't help but think different. 


Community Table Conversations

Open air dining with a diverse group of thinkers and doers in this open format. 


Share & Grow

As we wrap up our group discussions we work through the common themes and distill them into doable projects that we will explore at our Walden community and share with others around the world in the hopes that what happens at Walden matters.



Walden Monterey is a private forest of over 600 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean and enclosed by old growth Oak Trees.

Walden is a place to disconnect from the chaos, connect with nature and reconnect with friends, family and self.

What you will find?

Community on a small and intimate scale. Room to roam. Art to inspire us. Idyllic places to meditate. A group of people who think seriously about net-zero living. And a belief that we can all benefit by creating a space that brings us loser to nature.. and to ourselves. 

 The Ocean - Calm or Still, rough or rigid, always beautiful. 

The Ocean - Calm or Still, rough or rigid, always beautiful. 

 Ancient Oaks - Adaptive & Resilient

Ancient Oaks - Adaptive & Resilient

 The Sun - Our Energy Source

The Sun - Our Energy Source