The Walden Gathering is a diverse community of passionate innovators finding inspiration from nature to focus on making the world better for the next generation.

We invite experts and non-experts alike, which tends to create better conversations and more unique solutions.


We invite passionate individuals, groups and organizations to gather, learn and collaborate in small groups on how best to contribute and invest their time, talent and resources to find innovative solutions -- and then take them back into the world.

The Walden Gathering was the response to a challenge to develop with purpose. We know hope to challenge others to find and create more purpose in their personal and professional lives.


We use a design-thinking format around the table, walking discussions on nature trails, and guided meditation to inspire the group to solve big problems.

Instead of the hyper-intense networking of your typical conference, participants spend the entire day outside with a carefully curated small and diverse group of people. While sustainable living is an important recurring discussion, the salon themes can be about any topic that matters to the world. We believe that gathering twenty interesting people to talk about the big questions — and then helping them stay connected in order to execute on the solutions — has the chance to create real change.

Each Gathering has a different agenda and topic. Please request specific information for the Gathering you are attending / interested in. Generally the day starts with a morning hike at 9:30am which provides a chance for the attendees to get to know each other, while activating the mind and body. Groups are created to address specific topics and issues to maintain intimate conversations where everyone is a participant. Following each breakout, groups present their findings. The day ends around 4:30pm, after identifying actionable solutions for the issues at hand. See what our past Gatherings have created!

Food and beverages are provided throughout the day by our farm-to-table chefs.

The Day

All we ask of our attendees is to come with an open mind!


  • Dress in “California layers” with comfortable shoes

  • Let us know if you have any food allergies

  • Be ready to spend a day in the outdoors!



A 600-acre private forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean and enclosed by old growth Oak Trees, in Monterey.

Walden is a place to disconnect from the chaos, connect with nature and reconnect with friends, family and yourself.


Walden Gathering is funded by a family trust. There is no fee to attend.

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