Solutions in Action

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Walden gatherings are not just focused on talking about solutions, but putting solutions into action. Below are a few examples.


Sustainable Design 

During discussions focused around sustainable development, architects and engineers uncovered a common problem. During the design phase, home owners frequently request to create additional space for visitors, guests or special occasions. 

The discussion soon focused on motivating individuals to build only what they need - "Expandable homes would be great!" - said one. Another suggested "temporary structures" - but how? 

The Roving Pod –Temporary and sustainable structures that are designed to supplement the primary home. A roving guest house. 


The First Roving Pod


Upcoming Designs


Directed and produced by our Youth Gatherers! 

Increasing Interactions with Nature to promote conservation

Technology is often blamed for decreasing our interactions with nature. Both children and adults cling to their screens and spend less time exploring. Rather than fighting this trend, we searched for ways to use technology to increase interactions, which has lead to the creation of an app the gamifies interactions with nature with a focus on preservation. 

Currently in Beta - The Tree Naming APP

  • Explore local parks or deep forests to find trees that make you feel inspired.

  • Study those trees, understand its personality and imagine a unique story

  • Personify the tree through its characteristics or a random connection by naming the tree

  • We believe this will encourage others to go out and explore, while taking a moment away from the screen to digest ones surroundings and become inspired.

  • Instead of saying "No!" to tech, bring it along and allow it to help you explore while leaving your mark on the forest in a safe and sustainable way.

  • Once named, we believe it will help with conservation efforts as someone will be more likely to help preserve a living object with a name and story.

  • Search for others' stories and connections!

  • After beta testing we plan on deploying this technology to local and national parks as a fundraising mechanism.

  • Think Pokemon Go meets star naming, but for trees!


Beta Testers Needed 

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Extending the benefits of Nature to those who can not access it

There's good news for people who live far from the woods. You can gain many of the health benefits of forest bathing closer to home. Taking a walk in a local park or even placing more houseplants in your home or office will increase your exposure to nature's healing essential oils. 

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world can easily access a park. Whether its due to health, location or even imprisonment, Walden Gathering wanted to find solutions to share its inspiration with everyone.

step 1 - Virtual visits in nature

Step 2 - Integrate mandatory "Nature breaks" into virtual reality games (in process) 

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