Investing For Impact - Findings

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The Walden Gathering is part of the social venture created by Nick Jekogian that invites individuals, groups and organizations to gather, learn and collaborate on how best to contribute and invest their time, talent and resources to recognize the healthy benefits of nature while creating solutions for the greater good.

Engagement. Not Expertise.

We host day-long discussions in nature to explore ideas in a constellation of intersecting areas that include community, climate awareness and energy, and gender justice. We see everyone who joins as an equal expert at the table because we believe in the wisdom of the crowd to find solutions.


Impact Investing

 What we invest in today will determine the world we will live in tomorrow



The June 22nd Gathering focused on impact investing, which is redefining the role of capital and channeling its full power to create a better world. 


While Hiking the Trail

Topics and aspirations included: 

A focus on completely eliminating plastics at home. 

Creating a platform for scientists to better lead.

Spending more time in nature to bring balance to our minds, bodies and society.


Key Themes & Solutions


How Can We Draw Upon Our Natural Surroundings To Make Impact

Use satellites to look at cities and promote equitable access to open space

Provide more access to rural areas for lower income urban residents

Make urban parks and rural areas more safe

Create programs to give people better access to farms and better connect them with local food producers (i.e. Barn Raiser)

Bring more nature into video games and indoor spaces

Boy Scout camps throughout the country are vacant now.  They could be a potential site for future Gatherings and nature-based communities.

Find solutions to make nature less scary for urban dwellers


How do we make nature more impactful?

We need to create more economically viable models of living in nature (i.e the small home movement and community gardens for food production.)

Drink more water

Better educate children about healthy food

Educate kids about nature in nature


How do we use our networks & our resources to impact the world?

Look to successful networks for inspiration (i.e Blue Ocean Harvest )

Support more women to find solutions ( i.e Wings World Quest)

Attend more conferences and promote follow-up

Pool our resources

Create more community around vulnerability to find deeper connections:

Find the courage to be vulnerable

Be open to curiosity

Engage in more listening

Share skills

Promote self awareness

Create a fund around these connections

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Keys to building deeper relationships quicker

Learn people's passions rather than their job description

When you first meet someone, ask them, “What do you care about now?"

Use "Roses and Thorns" (Good and Bad) dinner time questions  

Share your most challenging stories so others can learn and understand that it's not always easy

Be authentic

Be uncomfortable

Share your feelings like we share rooms on AirBnB

Be supportive in a way that helps the person succeed. We need each other to succeed

What do you care about now?

How do we create deeper long term bonds within community?

Find the common cause and run with it

Invite each other to events

Add a plus one invite to the next event

Keep the consistency of the event.  (mark your calendars for June 21, 2019)

Harvest the conversation to create a ripple effect

Democratize investing with a focus on women run enterprises

Use business to transform the world and create tools for a better life balance everyday

Create a platform for ideas, solutions and results powered by small groups of hyperconnected people. (i.e Taking the Walden Gathering model outside of just meeting in Monterey and expanding the format to other venues in nature close to major population centers. )

 Improve the focus on consciousness media/ways to promote more positive stories


Follow up & Recommended Reading

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David Brooks - Giving Away Your Billion  

Factfulness - By Hans Rosling


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